ZK-660AN full automatic rigid box making machine of Zhongke is the most advanced and optimal equipment in China for high-grade rigid box (such as cell phone box, cosmetics box, shoe box, shirt box, underwear box, gift box, foot box, hardware box, etc.) production.With application of PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, and HMI with touch panel, paper feeding, gluing, box forming and gluing four angles of cardboard, positioning and fitting of cardboard, automatic guiding, box feeding, wrapping, trimming and folding can be done in one time. Because the whole process is fully automatic, compared with the traditional hand making, the production efficiency has improved by 30 times.


Paper wrap size




Paper wrap grammage









Cardoard blank thickness







Box size










Paper pile height




Cardboard pile height




Electrical power




Glue tank capacity




Air supply


Turn in depth




Net weight




Machine overall dimension


The production speed depends on the material used on the box size,on the glue specifications and on the skill of the operators。Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice。

mechanical features :
① Unlimited usability of animal glue ensures perfect quality of products in terms of environmental friendliness and high accuracy
The glue of the full automatic rigid box making machinery using is animal glue. There has the following characteristics:1.dry fast, Under 20-25℃, usually drying time in 5-7 seconds, Even if under more than 30 degrees high temperatures, also can be dry in more than ten seconds, Thus, the cardboard will not drinking water and become deformed.. 2. Smoothly, after animal glue coating, will form mirror surface cellophane in the paper surface, the paper carton finished product looks flat and smoothly. 3. Environment-protective, which is the biggest feature Distinguishes in the traditional chemistry crepe glue, the animal glue is uses and boil with the animal fur and bone, therefore it may apply in food, drug sundries and daily clothing packing widely.
The heat change stick glue system of the full automatic rigid box making machinery has entrusted with the animal glue more widespread using space. The user can be control the thickness and viscosity of the glue easily, and produces a product from beginning to end.

Four angle pasting parts and electric thermal melting & cutting device made the forming of the cardboard both the rule and highly effective
The four corner pasting part disposition mould and 4 sets electric thermal melting & cutting device running at the same time, then can be guarantee the four corner pasting parts rule, neat, highly effective and reliable, without “pre-box”
The tape of the full automatic rigid box making machine using drenches the membrane hot melt cello tape. This tape paper must coordinate on our equipment's electric heating piece melt &cut system, Its characteristic is the melting point is high, In 150-180 degrees, after pasting the angle, the reliability is good, and back is the Kraft paper, convenient viscose.

1. The newly developed feeder with metal base enables the covering paper to enter the equipment easily and stably.(Image1)
2. Across the bridge and department configuration location orthotics can realize local correction function;(Image2)
3. Perfect gluing system and the optimal angle of glue roller arrangement ensure the paper is glued evenly and smoothly.;(Image3)
4. Servo motor drives suction belt for conveying, the computer controls the positioning and fitting of cardboard of inner box and glued covering paper(Image4)

Auto picking up system can be made the height of the paper box formation in the 2-12.5cm scope perfectly and relaxed.The formerly single unit and semi-auto rigid box forming machinery because of the single unit or various parts need person to move it, some oversized area, easy curl glue surface paper (laminating thickness cardboard) is very easy reflex action or curl distortion in transition process, make the next step formation process to be present the paper breakdown very easy. Auto reply admission system including steady arm primers installations and two front suction nozzle, made the height of the paper box formation in the 2-12.5cm scope perfectly and relaxed.

The paper box forming unit can do consistent work including box feeding, ear folding, as well as rolling over and forming guarantees the paper carton standard finely,The 2 sets mould of the paper box forming parts running at the same time and also start a rhythm and a series of moves to complete the box feeding, ear folding, as well as rolling over and forming and other movements. 4 brush rollers with easy adjusting the pressure the glue surface paper even gable paper carton all around wall tightly; the high and low mold cushioning may realize both exerts pressure the exhaust and the protection cardboard function. PLC, frequency conversion control and main actuation guarantee equipment highly effective revolution

Automatic fault diagnosis
The full automatic rigid box making machinery has Automatic fault diagnosis, Can safeguard the machinery momentarily self-examination, handling equipment revolution information in prompt accurately, also can be guaranteed the equipment at the good working status.

Machine with easy operation, the work setup time is short, and suits the long, medium and short version running flexible.The User-friendly design of the full automatic rigid paper box making machinery is low to the mechanical operator specification; the ordinary female worker can be operating machine. Equipment’s work setup time is short, generally the box changing time is about 1-2 hours, and suts the long medium and short version running flexible.

The equipment control simple, realizes the safe operation and the protection design
The equipment has realized the safe operation and the protection design in each partial part's design and the generating process, for safeguard the user avoid safe hidden trouble in the high speed production process

Full automatic rigid box making machine is made up of Surface paper gluing unit, four corner taping unit, location fitting unit four parts, and the series of movements are controlled by the computer completely and automatic works.
I. paper gluing unit:
1.Automatic surface paper feeding and automatic cardboard feeding, using the newest metal feida head
2.The stick gluing system has the agitation filtration, the circulation for to stick and the self-cleaning function
3.Disposes the paper to transport the localization adjuster
4.Glue roller rubber
II. automatic corner pasting unit
1.Automatic feeding cardboard to surface paper
2.Tape paper electric thermal melting & cutting fillet device 4 sets
3.Paper corner mould base 1 set
4.Automatic conveyor system of connection four corner taping part and location fitting parts
5.Transportation department automatic monitor work system
III. positioning and pasting unit
1.The suction belt conveyor system controlled by the compressor
2. servo motor drive
3.The localized lamination of the full automatic computer control cardboard box and glued surface paper
IV. Paper box laminating and forming parts
1.Computerized control of the automatic leading & fetching device between the conveyor belt and the paper box forming unit
2.Paper box forming mould base 1 set
3.consistent work including box feeding, ear folding, as well as rolling over and forming
4. PLC controller system

V. Electric appliance control department
Uses the world famous brand: PLC, touch screen operator-machine, Servo system, low-voltage electrical apparatus, electro-optic, optical fiber and so on.

2. Environmental Requirement
(1)Temperature: normal ambient temperature of 20°C (In the summer should be install air conditioning system)
(2)Humidity: 50%-60%
(3)Keep the machine away from oil and gases, chemicals, acids, alkalis, explosive or flammable material
(4)Ambient lighting: more than 300LUX
(5)Avoid direct sunshine
(6)Avoid being close to those machines which can cause vibration
(7)Avoid direct cooling by fans
3. Material packaging requirement
(1)The surface paper, the cardboard are smooth
(2)The surface paper duplicate abdomen must be pass two-sided static electricity processing
4. If the colour of the surface paper (black) is similar with the conveyor belt, pls stick some other colour (like white) sticking tape, for distinction the colors.
5. Electrical power unit requirement
This machine uses the three-phase power source: 380V 50Hz, atmospheric pressure: 0.8Mpa
6. Personnel requirement
To ensure the safety of the operator, to maximize the performance of the machine, reduce faults and prolong its using life. Checking and repairing electrical control circuits must be carried out by electrically skilled persons ( about 1 person one machine)
7. Machine matching with auxiliary material:1.glue,2,tape

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