• By ZhongKe
  • 02 Mar, 2022

How To Make Rigid Box

Life is like a keyboard. Many times, we are using the forward button - the footsteps are always moving forward, but our state may be improving or it may be regressing.Sometimes, we want the back button and the delete button, but there aren't so many space bars in life that let us stay in the past and then delete the past.Therefore, many people hope to have a "one-click forming" life.

"One-click Forming" is good. With just one button, everything in life can be solved.The road to life can go very smoothly. Everything moves in one direction. There is no hesitation and no mistake. But it seems that there is a lack of excitement, like a roller coaster turn, there is a heartbeat with a blush and a call is fun. So the "one-click molding"  and the gift box have a bigger spark.

For example, the Rigid gift box is a box full of surprises, especially in the moment of opening, giving a full sense of overall visual impact, which has obvious advantages in marketing and is loved by consumers.

The structure of the Rigid gift box is simple and very popular, so the pattern is more important. In actual production, it is easy to form a standardization。

The simple structure has the convenience and efficiency of production, but it does not mean that it is taken lightly in the process. First, the cover paper is glued in the Feeder Part, and the cover paper is glued through a beautiful flipping. This is the first step to open a new chapter of “packaging”.

On the other hand, the cardboard produced by the die cutter is cut and formed,  pastes the four corners in the cornering machine, and finally sticks the four corners.

Then, the positioning of the assembled cardboard in the position unit that is, the cardboard and the cover paper stick together to form a basic shape, and provides a basis for the next operation.

This is a key step.Under the action of the Forming Part, the positioned cover paper and the cardboard are quickly folded in, and then perfectly formed - no bubbles, wrinkles, no excess glue .It was very successful and the surface was very smooth.

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