• Dec 08, 2020

What Are The Common Box Types Of Rigid Boxes?

With the development and update of technology and equipment, the production process of gift box packaging has been mastered by more and more enterprises. The application of new technology has greatly improved the efficiency of production. New equipment has gradually replaced the tedious manual operation. , The upgrading of hardware has improved the product quality.

There are various types of boxes. From the structure, there are top and bottom combination forms of rigid box, left and right opening and closing door styles, and package combination slip case styles. These types have laid the foundation for the box.  Under the basic structure framework, the designers have created ever-changing box shapes, and put a cool wedding dress on the product packaging.

  1. Slip case box: It is composed of an outer shell and an inner box. The shell loops around the inner box. The bottom of the inner box and the back wall are glued to both sides of the  shell. The unbonded upper cover part can be opened, and the appearance is similar as A hardcover book. (See picture)

  2. Rigid box: It is composed of a Top box and a bottom box, which are generally used for complete one set box (See picture)

  3. Drawer box: a box type with drawer function. It is very convenient to open the drawer box when it is used

  4. Window box: open the required window on one or more sides of the box, paste transparent PET and other materials on the inside to fully display the information of the contents

  5. Clamshell box: It is a combination of the world cover box and the insert side world cover box. The difference is that the back of the box is pasted with tissue paper, which can be opened and closed freely.