ZK-320 Full Automatic Box Machine W/O Angle Pasting is the most advanced equipment of making rigid set-up box(such as Jewelry box,gift box,cosmetic box etc), It adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracing system, touch-sensitive screen, achieving paper feeding, gluing, inner cardboard w/o four angle pasting and location directly, automatic arm guiding, wrapping, and folding adn box forming in one process, The entire processes are automatic.

Main Characteristics

1.Feeding system feeds the wrap paper piece by piece automatically.

2.Equipped with heat exchanging gluing system.

3.Inner cardboard w/o foru angle pasting,save cost and fast speed.

4.Spotter system achieves accurately registration for unwrapped box and glued wrap paper by servomotor and vacuum suction belt conveyor ,with precision error ±0.5mm.

5.Automatic arm guiding device is between conveyor belt and wrapper unit,which is controlled by computer.

6.Wrapper unit achieves box-feeding,side winding,roll-folding and rolling over.

7.It adopts PLC programmable controller,photoelectric tracing system and touch-sensitive screen.The wrapped box is finished in oneprocess.

8.Automatic trouble diagnosing.

In the complete respect of paper limits indicated in thetechnical specifications,the product is well done only when the two following conditions are satisfied

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