ZK-660F full automatic rigid box making machine is our latest research and development upgraded product. Its quality and production efficiency is greatly improved. It is suitable for mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, watch boxes, cosmetic boxes, pharmaceutical, daily supplies, and other industries of high - end products world cover carton packaging.

This machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system, photoelectric tracking system and touch screen man-machine interface to realize paper feeding, gluing, cardboard four corners taping. Servo and photoelectric positioning system to achieve automatic leading, edge covering, ear folding and forming actions in one time, the whole process is automated.


  1. Suitable for all kinds of automatic rigid box production line.

  2. Automatic suction and conveying of paper and cardboard.

  3. Whole machine adopts PLC touch screen man-machine interface control system.

  4. Full computer function parameter setting and fault alarm function.

  5. Taping machine using separate man-machine interface control system.

  6. Servo, photoelectric positioning system (error ± 0.3mm).

  7. 24-hour control glue preheating function, glue viscosity automatic control system (optional).


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