ZK-660FS full automatic rigid box making machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system, touch screen man-machine interface, and visual manipulator positioning system, which achieve automatic paper feeding, gluing, cardboard four corners taping, positioning, feeding, edge covering, ear folding, forming and shaping of the finished box. The hole operations are fully automatic. 


  1. Suitable for all kinds of automatic rigid box production line.

  2. Automatic suction and conveying of paper and cardboard.

  3. Full computer function parameter setting and fault alarm function.

  4. Whole machine adopts PLC touch screen man-machine interface control system.

  5. Taping machine using separate man-machine interface control system.

  6. Visual manipulator positioning (error ± 0.05mm).

  7. 24-hour control glue preheating function, glue viscosity automatic control system (optional).


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