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For the production of shirt boxes in the Indian market, manual-folding method was used for a long time. This method is inefficient, consumes a lot of labor (even if India does not lack people), and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of workmanship. More importantly, the production efficiency of shirt boxes can't keep up with the number of shirt boxes.

In response to this phenomenon, Zhongke subsequently developed a fully automatic box folding machine to replace manual box folding, improving production efficiency and the quality of shirt packaging boxes. This equipment (model) adopts a brand-new servo control system, which can be quickly changed according to the setting or stored configuration, and can realize the one-time forming of the cardboard folding box, and the efficiency can achieve 1200-3300 pcs per hour.

We have an Indian customer who owns four shopping malls in India, specializing in shirt sales. The annual demand for shirt boxes is about 12 million. It uses this kind of automatic box making machine to make shirt boxes. 

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