Box Folding Machine

ZK-760 Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine

High efficiency instead of manual folding box, no longer have to worry about employees not working1. Adopt Swiss Roabtech hot melt adhesive spraying system.2. Multi-functional choice to meet your common needs for ivory board and corrugated board.3. Application field in cosmetic boxes, baked boxes, k

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Box Case


This machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system and man-machine interface control system to realize the one-time forming of box. The structure is compact, the operation is simple, and the production efficiency is high. Mainly suitable for box forming of packaging materials such as 250-450g ivory board and kraft paper. It is widely used in high-end paper box packaging in cosmetics, knitwear, baked food, toys, fruits, daily necessities, medicine and other industries.





1.The stanadard size of M value is 15mm,larger the box size ,the larger the M value,

2. The limit size will change due to the special material of the cardboard;

3.The company does not provide air compressors;

4. Due to continuous innovation in product design, the above data is for reference only; subject to change without notice.

Production process

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