ZK-760 full automatic box folding machine is mainly suitable for 250~400g ivory board, grey board and other packaging materials. Widely used in cosmetics, knitwear, baked food, toys, fruits, daily necessities, medicine and other different industries of high-grade paper box packaging.


Automatic paper feeding unit High-speed separation and conveying of paper board.


Folding device New type folding device, high speed conveying in steady condition.

Production Process


Technological Innovation,Leads The New Era of Packaging.



  1. The standard size of M value is 15mm, the larger the box size, the larger the M value;

  2. The limit size will change due to the special material of the cardboard;

  3. The company does not provide air compressors;

  4. Due to continuous innovation in product design, the above data is for reference only; subject to change without notice.

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