ZK-760 Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine


ZK-760 Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system and man-machine interface control system to realize the one-time forming of box. The structure is compact, the operation is simple, and the production efficiency is high. Mainly suitable for box forming of packaging materials such as 250-450g ivory board and kraft paper. It is widely used in high-end paper box packaging in cosmetics, knitwear, baked food, toys, fruits, daily necessities, medicine and other industries.


  • Open design of the forming part; convenient adjustment, compact and reasonable structure, stable performance, easy to understand and operate.

  • When the cardboard is added, the cardboard can automatically fed, and the continuous operations of cardboard feeding, folding, folding in, forming and come out box are completed at one time.

  • Using PLC programmable controller, encoder and photoelectric switch, air source detection and operation system, touch screen man-machine interface, implement the whole process automation of the box forming of the world cover.

  • Automatic fault diagnosis function.

  • Infrared safety protection system to ensure the safety of personnel operation.

  • Quick mold change adjustment device.

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Our ZK-760 Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine can manufacture 90% of the rigid boxes on the market.

ZK-760 Note

  • The stanadard size of M value is 15mm,larger the box size ,the larger the M value.

  • The limit size will change due to the special material of the cardboard.

  • The company does not provide air compressors.

  • Due to continuous innovation in product design, the above data is for reference only; subject to change without notice.

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