Box Making

Rigid Box Making Machine

ZK-660FC Fully Automatic Box Folding Machine

This machine adopts servo control system, programmable motion control program control system, photoelectric servopositioning system, and man-machine interface control system.

ZK-660FBS Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

The equipment adopts motion controller, visual manipulator for positioning ,HMI System,which make it possible that paper feeding, gluing, cardboard four corners taping, feeding, edge covering, full ea

ZK-900 Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

ZK-900 fully automatic rigid box making machine of Zhongke is the most advanced and optimal equipment in China for high-grade rigid box (such as cell phone box, cosmetics box, shoe box, shirt box, und

ZK-660FG Automatic Partial Gluing Box Making Machine

ZK-660GN automatic partial gluing box making machine adopts Germany Beckhoff CX2020 motion controller, Swiss Robatech hot melt glue scraping system, visual manipulator positioning system and touch scr

ZK-660FCS Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

ZK-660FCS full automatic rigid box making machine, using motion controller system, visual manipulator system and touch screen man-machine interface system, which achieve automatic paper feeding, gluin