ZK-900C Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine


The equipment of choice for making big boxes

  • Equipped with servo position system

  • Meet the needs of different materials

  • Can be used to produce cosmetic boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, etc.


Rigid box making machine ZK-900C adopts machine adopts servo control system, programmable PLC program control system, photoelectric servo positioning system, and man-machine interface.

control system to realize the characteristics of automatic paper feeding, gluing, positioning and wrapping, full-folding ear and folding-in forming action at one time, satisfying the high-end boxes requirements.


It is applicable to the production of high-end rigid boxes, such as business package boxes for gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, flower box ,pajamas box and so on.

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Rigid Boxs

Packaging Box Case

Our ZK-900C Fully Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine can manufacture 90% of the rigid boxes on the market.

ZK-900C Note

  • The size of the box is restricted by the size of the cover paper; 

  • Online Viscometer system(optional) 

  • The company does not provide air compressors; 

  • Several factors that affect the speed of the machine: raw materials, glue and operator proficiency; 

  • Due to continuous innovation in product design, the above data is for reference only; and are subject to change without notice.

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ZhongKe box making machine Professional manufacture of various rigid box for gift box, shirt box, dessert box.