ZK-660GN automatic partial gluing box making machine adopts Germany Beckhoff CX2020 motion controller, Swiss Robatech hot melt glue scraping system, visual manipulator positioning system and touch screen man-machine interface control system. Paper feeding, partial gluing, cardboard four corners taping, positioning and combining, leading, full ear-folding, forming and shaping of the finished product are all automatic.


1. Suitable for all kinds of automatic rigid box production line.

2. Automatic suction and conveying of covering paper, cardboard, E and F flute corrugated paper.

3. Taping machine using separate man-machine interface control system.

4. Electronic cam and mechanical cam combine to play their respective advantages, makes turn in depth up to 70mm and can adjust freely.

5. The whole machine adopts Germany Beckhoff CX2020 motion controller as the core control system and touch screen man-machine interface control system.

6. Visual manipulator positioning (error ± 0.05mm).

7. Using Swiss Robatech hot melt glue system with PKS250 scraper, the spray surface is thin and even, the partial glue edge is clear.

8. 24-hour control glue preheating function.

Covering paper partial gluing scheme



Production Process

  1. Fold wide-side paper to bottom

  2. Fold long-side paper to bottom

  3. Gluing and folding ears

  4. Leading

  5. Box pressing

  6. Box positioning

  7. Taping four corners

  8. Die cut E/ F flute corrugated cardboard

  9. Gluing paper 3/2/1

  10. Grooved white board paper


Covering paper conveying platform: Four pillars are used to fix four corners of covering paper to ensure that the center of covering paper is the same, meanwhile four sides of covering paper are parallel to the conveyor line to improve the precision of the gluing process. Grab covering paper with mechanical arm, which is more stable under high-speed operation and more accurate in position.

In order to achieve fast adhesion during the high-speed production and no degumming in harsh environment during transported, we assembled the hot melt gluing system.


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